Gateway Activity Logs - Revealing User email, port & device ID

Hi all, I’m currently trialing CF for Teams and liked what I’m seeing so far. I’ve searched but could not find any guide or tutorials that can reveal more details in the logs as per the screenshot. Same results on iOS WARP & Windows 10 clients.

This will be very useful for audit purposes. Appreciate if anyone can provide insights about getting this done.

Ensure the user has Cloudflare for Teams PII permission.

I don’t think there is this ‘members’ option on the free plan. I’m currently the Super Admin and enrolled my own iphone as a WARP user, still those details didn’t show up.

Then something is definitely not working. Have you try contact support? You can share the ticket number here later on.

Support ticket #2239253 opened. Lets hope for a resolution.

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Thank you for providing us more information about the issue, we are checking with our Engineering team about this issue.

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8 days has passed and support did not reply to my last reply.

Is it possible to provide us the output of ( you would need to replace hostname instead of

I dont understand what you mean.
I just logged into Cloudflare for teams. What URL are you speaking of?