Gatebot doing its job!

The peaks of the attack occurred between 10:00 and 10:15 (approximately 30 million requests including cache)

As expected, the attack was well distributed across the globe:

Bot protection:

Argo showed something interesting, might it have been due to the backend going down?

Also, I just realized we have access to this, is it new? That’s cool!

Distribution of even users agents shows the attacker pool of user agents

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Congratulations on surviving another attack!

@erictung noticed it about a week ago. It seems to already have standard settings. It just looks like a way to lower some security settings.


Thank you! In this case, the attack was towards one of our customers for whom I manage the servers and CF settings.

The attack only had an effect because for some reason somebody felt funny by disabling most of the Cloudflare settings, apparently one of the website functionalities was triggering false results and the solution was to disable all firewall rules last night.

This was me just some minutes after waking up

Anyways the issue is now fixed, I realized that there might be a small visual bugg on cloudflare panel, shouldn’t the lines be green?

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Green is the new blue. Who knows? It’s not the first time their analytics colors have been mixed up.


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