Gap Between Cloudflare Analytics and Google Analytics reporting


The number of unique visitors reported by Cloudflare analytics for is much higher than the total number of visitors as reported by Google Analytics for the same site and same period.

CloudFlare analytics reports some 500 visitors per day. Google Analytics reports around 230 per month.

I’m not sure how how should interpret this. Your input would be appreciated.


There are a few threads on this already:

My advice is to pay closer attention to the Google Analytics, as that’s going to give you more visitor data.


OK great. I found the answer to my question. I also found a lot more to explore later.

Thank you!


Also note that Google Analytics is a tracking script. Depending on your userbase, it may be very likely that users have adblock/ublock origin installed, preventing the tracking script from reporting the page view to Google. CF analytics is server-based, meaning no matter what a user visit will be tracked in the dashboard.