Gaming servers doesn't work

As you read the title,It’s really true.I just made a digi account here in romania,I’ve put a subdomain on them end as a 32 characters for security reasons in’ve made a subdomain called temporary for a domain that I own wich is and I’ve put on the cname my whole and it works the web server,but when I tried for a CS:1.6 server,it doesn’t work even if I’ve opened the port 27000 on my router wich is the port I’ve setted as well in the configs on that server.I’ve tried as well on a minecraft sever,I’ve opened the port 25565 on my router and it doesn’t want to connect to but on the subdomain from digi works like a groove.Can anybody help me with this problem?

Your DNS records need to be :grey: as Cloudflare does not proxy ports 27000 and 25565.


This responce explains it better then i can,

I wasn’t talking about ports and If I even was talking how about port 80 or 443 or 3306 for a mysql data base cuz works like a groove too if you say that Cloudflare doesn’t proxy ports?How my website works just fine on my subdomain in and the proxy one from Cloudflare and games ones works only on my ones and on Cloudflare proxy not?

The ports that Cloudflare proxies are for HTTP(S) so websites will work (List of ports). Any ports outside that list will not work with a :orange: DNS record. Even if you move another application to use one of those ports, then it will still not work because Cloudflare only proxies HTTP(S) only.

To proxy other ports/protocols, you’d need to use Spectrum. But, Enterprise plans aside, it will only allow you to proxy particular ports/protocols.

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