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Good evening,
I have a question about my game server, is it possible to protect the ip address of the game location counter-strike 1.6 ports 27015-27100 using cloudflare and how much will it cost? BR

I agree to use about the plan for $20, but there are doubts about protecting gaming ports, since everywhere in the description they write that cloudflare protects only websites, and nothing is written about other ports anywhere. It will not work so that after acquiring a pro plan, my servers will not be protected from dotos attacks? We got each other right, didn’t we? For example will be protected and available for players?

Only with Enterprise spectrum, which is probably outside of your price range (thousands a month or more).

Non-enterprise Spectrum only works over SSH, RDP and Minecraft.

I recently got a call from a spokesperson for cloudflare and said that you can and for $20

As said above, no, only certain protocols are supported on the $20 or $200 a month plans.

It is a pity. What ports to support pro plan, can you write?

or where to see?

there is some other and not expensive solution?

how do other gaming hosts fight with ddos attacks?

Cloudflare does not offer anything else. You’ll have to do your own research on other products (since competitors obviously won’t be recommended here).

understood, thank you

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