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Hey guys, so I may have a a fair of a complex question that the sales team has not been able to answer. Here it goes. I am currently renting game servers from a company called Nitrado. These servers provide me with a web interface where I can edit all of settings for my servers. They also provide me with an IP and Port number. These are individual servers, each of them running on an IP and port. My questions is, is it possible to use cloudfare to protect my servers from ddossers by simply inserting their IP and Port or do i need an actual domain for the system to function?

Cloudflare is not going to be able to protect your game servers unless you purchase Spectrum. You would also need a domain as well so that Cloudflare can proxy the traffic.

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I believe the exception would be transit but you’d be looking into owning an asn as well as ip blocks.

So what is an ASN?

So it would work with spectrum?

It would work with spectrum and a domain. Keep in mind that Spectrum is pricey around $1/GB of traffic.

so they charge per gig? how do they determine the amount of traffic and if im getting dossed doesn’t that raise the traffic by an extensive amount? Do they take ddossing traffic into account?

I don’t know how the pricing works with dossed stuff. That would be a question that sales should be able to answer.

It would be best to reach sales. Be aware that any of these services will cost somewhere around $10k per month.

Attack traffic doesn’t count towards billable traffic.

i thought it was 1 dollar per gig of traffic

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