Game servers and cloudfare

Hello so I currently rent game servers from a company called nitrado. The problem is that they offer 0 ddoss protection. Is there anyway i can connect my servers to cloudfare? I own 14 servers with separate ips and ports.

Hello Kelsey,

Thanks for reaching out! I would recommend using our spectrum product which can protect your game servers from DDOS attacks

Here is a more in depth article that goes through setting up spectrum and provides more information


So when ever i go to the dashboard and look for “spectrum” it doesnt show anything like that.

It’s an add-on to a paid plan, so you need Pro at a minimum.

If you’re looking to protect any games other than Minecraft, that would fall under arbitrary TCP/UDP and require an Enterprise plan.

and how do i get an enterprise plan? because i heard that it was 5 dollars a month per IP

I’m not sure where you heard that - that’s definitely not related to Enterprise.

Enterprise has no fixed prices, it’s all a tailor-made contract for the specific products and their associated usage that you want but it’ll be thousands of dollars per month at a minimum.

A you tube video called “Cloudflare Enterprise for $5/month” thats where i heard it.

This is a Cloudway’s offering, not actual Cloudflare Enterprise.

All of these are available on the Pro plan except PCI DSS which is on the Business plan - it’s pretty deceptive marketing from them but hey-ho.


So the only way to add an IPV4 is through the enterprise plan?

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