Gaining Control of Domain’s DNS from Previous Developer

Hi guys,

Hoping to find some sort of direction on this issue… We are trying to gain control of a domain’s Cloudflare DNS settings from the previous website’s developer.

First off, just so it’s clear, the site’s DNS was initially set up, and continues to run on Cloudflare

To date, what’s happened:

  1. We set up a new account so client could manage their own DNS (rather than vicariously through a third party), and made the new DNS changes that were needing to be made
  2. Changed our Cloudflare DNS to a new pair of nameservers that were provided by Cloudflare
  3. Asked previous developer to remove the domain from their account, which they did 2 weeks ago
  4. Waited 7 days for the account to be removed from their account. We just assumed this to be the case based on documentation:
  5. Purged DNS settings many times during this process via Purge Everything button in Cloudflare dashboard
  6. Old DNS settings from the previous developer’s account are still being used, so as far as we can tell, Cloudflare is still giving priority to the previous developer’s DNS settings.

After all this, any ideas on how we might be able to gain complete control of this domain’s DNS? Submitted a support ticket a week ago but guessing the in-house support team is swamped, so it’d be great to get this sorted outside of their assistance if we can.

Thanks for your time and hopefully some ideas!

The authoritative nameservers at the registrar (the CF nameservers you got) determine which account CF thinks owns the zone. Once you change the nameservers to the ones connected to the new account, CF will send an email saying (along the lines of) “nameservers no longer point to cloudflare” to the old account’s email on file and the new account’s email will receive (along the lines of) “domain is now active on cloudflare”.

Did you receive these emails? What does the dashboard for the domain look like on the new account?

The new account’s dashboard shows the domain name as active, when I click into the domain I get all the visitor, request etc. statistics and it’s all up to date. In fact yesterday I ran into small CSS caching issue, and the Purge Cache function even solved the issue.

As far as I can tell, most everything seems to present as up to date on the Cloudflare side of things BUT, when I perform a third party DNS record search on the domain, it still shows the old IP configuration. And just to be clear, the nameserver changes have indeed propagated, but the IP configurations are still outdated.

Unfortunately I don’t have direct access to the email addresses associated with either side of the changeover but have requested that info from those that are and will post up when I hear back.

Thanks for your time!

Just to update on this, the previous developer DID receive notification that the domain was successfully deleted however the new receiving account, even though all the information on the dashboard shows the domain as being active and has up to date statistics, does not appear to have receive the notification that the domain is now active on their account.


Have you found any solution to this yet? I’m running into an issue that is very similar. whatsmydns is pulling up older cloudflare Ip address for a record in the middle of the US but not elsewhere. Client is in the middle of the US and keeps saying their site is down.

Hi @user5847,

The IP will still show as Cloudflare’s if you have it proxied, but as long as the IP in the DNS tab of your dashboard shows the correct server IP, you should be OK.

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