Gain access to preexisting account

The registrar for my domains is Network Solutions. They have been hosted there for some time and were maintained by an MSP that my company is no longer with. Using the login that was given for Network Soultions, I can get to my domains, but not the domain records because both my domains are being pointed to Cloudflare Name Servers. I attempted to contact the previous MSP for the DNS login information, but they have none. I then reached out to Cloudflare through sales and the only answer that was given to me was to create a new account with Cloudflare and see about connecting the new account to the old. Are there any suggestions with how I go about doing this?

Hi @tommie,

Given that you did not own the previous account, I doubt that support could give you access to that. You would need to create an account and transfer the domains over. Please note, the settings do not transfer over (including the DNS records) and you would need to re-configure these in the new account.

Is it at all possible to retrieve the account that my domains are associated with? So that I might be able to connect back to it on my own?

You can try contacting support about it: [email protected] to see if they can help, but without having owned the previous account, I don’t think they will be able to help. You can try though!

I have opened a case, but have not yet received a response. It has been 24 hours.

It can take a few days as they are very busy! If you post the ticket number here, one of the mods may check it is in the right queue for you.

Thanks, case # is 1734911. Thanks. Hope this helps.


Thank you @tommie I see the ticket and have cc’s myself on it. I think the suggestion from @domjh is spot-on in terms of next steps. To see the domains your account is associated with, login and they’re listed on the overview page.

I am not certain I clearly understand the ask. If there are domains for which you’re responsible but that were added to Cloudflare on your behalf by a vendor, you need to work with that vendor to get access or move that domain to your own cf account by +Add zone on Cloudflare and then changing your name servers with your registrar.

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The Name Servers are already on Cloudflare. The previous vendor no longer has any information for the account due to the fact that they were acquired by another company.(ZIZ bought Erado). The information that @domjh sent me says that I cannot move the records between two Cloudflare accounts. All I need is the original email account that the Cloudflare account was associated with so I can get a password reset to access it and make the changes needed.

What says that? The instructions I linked to explain how to make that transfer.

If you have access to the email that was used, that would probably work.


I thought that Cloudflare wasn’t the Registrar?

The zone Registrar is at Cloudflare.

Can you share a domain name so we can confirm this?

My apologies, you are correct. The registrar is Network Solutions. The Name Servers are Cloudflare.

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DNS Records can only be modified at Cloudflare.

And I wish to keep the Registrar.

Yep, so you can fill the linked instructions to move the site to your account as the registrar is not Cloudflare.

This is what is received when I try to modify the DNS Records at Network Solutions. Those records are in Cloudflare. No one knows the original Cloudflare account. That is what I’m trying to get access to. I would like to keep the name servers at Cloudflare to prevent interruption.