GA4 with gtag.js in order to debug

I’m trying to debug my custom events on GA4 and it seems that I could easily toggle a field to do that.

The Learn More on the “Debug” section sends me to a page that states that I have to have gtag.js running but if I add it as a “custom html” tool I get the following:

Looks like you’re trying to use Google Tag Manager with Zaraz. This could damage the performance of your site. Click to learn more.
(I’m not using GTM but gtag there)

So my questions are:

  1. Is it possible to debug withouth gtag.js?
  2. Is that warning on the “custom html” tool (gtag.js script) incorrect?
  3. How can I debug these custom events? Is it through DebugView on GA4? If so I tried it already but they’re not showing up (also DebugView only works if I have gtag.js running).
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