_ga_PHVG60J2FD cookie set by cloudflare

Hi, does anyone know what this cookie set by cloudlfare does and how long it is set for? Cookie ID is _ga_PHVG60J2FD. Cloudflare is setting the cookie on our site and this cookie is not listed on the article from Cloudflare listing its cookies: https://developers.cloudflare.com/fundamentals/get-started/cloudflare-cookies. Our site needs this information for our cookie policy. Thank you!

Do you have an example URL where that cookie is being set?

@michael it appears to be being set at wssnow.org as you can see in the screenshot

That cookie was set by Cloudflare on their own site, not yours. I do not believe you are sending it at all from your site, as the cdnjs assets are loaded with the crossdomain=anonymous attribute.

If you right click on the asset and select “Show Requests with this Cookie” you will probably show no requests. The cookie exists in your browser from visiting one of Cloudflares own websites previously. It has no impact for your domains cookie policy.

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Thank you so much @michael. I’m conducting a cookie audit on our site and it’s very difficult to know when a cookie is coming from our site or not. Any advice would be appreciated although I understand this request is outside the scope of this ticket and forum :slight_smile:

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