GA Cf App Reporting



Got a call from a client said "I can’t see my UA-xxx Google analytics code in my source. I never manually put it in since we had the Cloudflare one installed several years ago. So it’s very weird that the actual site has been collecting analytics in the last few weeks BUT when I go to CF Apps / GA it says “Outdated use Ver 3.0”, fair enough but now it showed it is disconnected from account the associated Google Account. So I login and hook up the right one and now it also asks at the top of the App “Track Pages” which there is NO explanation of but I figure out clicking on the arrow next to the domain/sub-domain makes it green. Save changes.

2 hours later I’m still seeing real time GA data but no UA-acct code in source. Is this a new thing that you don’t have to see it in source for it to work? (we always saw it before).

We have dozens of clients we help set up and it sure would be nice to get an email notification for something we have NO way of knowing when there is an update required.

Thanks for any help with this.