GA 4 not getting my sales

Hi there,

I just installed Zaraz a week ago and paid for a workers plan to enable the e-commerce part.

It is activated on the GA4 settings but on analytics, I 'm only getting the number of visits but no I for about ecom (add to cart, sales, etc…)

Is there something I should add on my website?


Yes, you need to use zaraz.ecommerce() to track the information you want.

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Hi thanks for the reply.

Something that’s unclear : do I have to manually add zaraz.ecommerce() to the body of my website or does Zaraz automatically adds it?

You have to add it. Zaraz has no way to automatically detect the events on your website since every website is built differently.

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Hi Yoaz,

So I added something simple

zaraz.ecommerce(‘Product Added’, { name, quantity, price });
zaraz.ecommerce(‘Checkout Started’, { name, quantity, price });
zaraz.ecommerce(‘Order Completed’, { name, quantity, price });

I wrote it on all pages of the site, at the end of the body. I used the Elementor → Personalized Codes & it’s written in a script.

On web API doc, it says “You do not need to map e-commerce events to triggers.Zaraz automatically forwards data using the right format to the tools with e-commerce support.”

I’m still not getting anything in GA4.

What am I doing wrong ?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Have you enabled ecommerce in your Zaraz General Settings page too?