G Suite/Gmail not working after switching to Cloudflare

Ever since I switched my site to Cloudflare last week, I have been unable to send emails from my domain email account. I use Gmail/G Suite. The MX records appear to be correct. I’m told that the DNS SPF record still mentions Siteground. What is it supposed to be? And are there any other things that could be causing this?

Any logs you can provide us with?
Also your domain would be good to know to run some tests

My domain is beccaklein.co. What type of logs would be helpful?

I should additionally mention, my host used to be Siteground and that’s where I created the email address. But last week I switched to Big Scoots and Cloudflare.

Error logs or any message you get while sending a Mail and not beeing able to do so.
Guess you are missing the google SPF:

v=spf1 include:_spf.google.com ~all

optionally you can specify own MX (+mx) entries which you want to whitelist:

v=spf1 include:_spf.google.com +mx ~all

Source: Add your SPF record at your domain provider - Google Workspace Admin Help

After adding the correct one to your domain you will have to wait untill it propagated.


your current SPF is:

v=spf1 +a +mx +a:beccaklein.co

it must be replaced with the correct one as you cant use the A-Record of your domain anymore as its pointing to Cloudflare since your are proxying your DNS entries.
If you want to send Mails from your server instead of through an official Google App you probably will add your origin servers IP to the SPF aswell. But this depends on how you want to send Mails.

Thank you, I updated my SPF record to the one you listed. Does it take time to take effect?

This is the error I receive when an email bounces back:

Please for the sake of security do not post your or others E-Mails publicly, just the error would be enough :slight_smile:
Yes it will take some time to propagate and for the clients to recheck. Give it a little time.

Let me quickly do some checks.

Apologies, I won’t post an email address again. Didn’t think about it.
Thank you for your help! I really appreciate it.

Can you tell me if you are sending Mails with SMTP credentials or through the G-Mail/G-Suite webapp?

Weird that if you want to send a Mail you get a timeout at your server/domain:

Also the IPs listed there are Cloudflare IPs, but G-Suite does not have anything to do with Cloudflare nor normaly your domain.

I use Gmail and I have it set so that I can “send as” various email addresses. It says it goes through SMTP servers. It’s on Port 465, SSL.

Can you make sure thast nowhere in the credentials is the domain “beccaklein.co”?
Because somehow G-Mail tries to connect to the domain beccaklein.co, at leasts its in the Error log and obviously it fails as Cloudflare does not accept any Mail/SMTP traffic.
If thats not the case I sadly cant help anymore, guess someone with more Mail expirience must step up and take over.

What do you mean by credentials? The “send as” credentials in Gmail?

In the “send as” area it has beccaklein.co as the SMTP server. Is that wrong?

Yes, you can not use SMTP to a domain which is proxied as it ends up at Cloudflare and not your origin. This must be edited and be replaced with your origins IP, or another domain pointing to your server directly. Another way would be unproxying the domain, but this would result in not have any beenfits at Cloudflare. But this approach anyway is very strange as if you are using G-Suite you can simply take their SMTP.

So what should I enter in that field? (Sorry, I’m not very techie).

Just replace “beccaklein.co” with the IP of you server.

How do I find that?

Just check your DNS section in your Cloudflare Dashboard and see where your domain is pointing to behind Cloudflare.

Is it one of these?

Yes, must be. But as i dont know which of these origins is the one which will send the mail I cant tell you which one.

Try the first (74…), then the other (35…).