G-Suite Emails not working after pointing domain to Cloudflare

I pointed my domain name to cloudflare and my g-suite email stopped working. How do I resolve this issue?

Attached is a screenshot of my DNS page.

Your problem appears to be from the one MX record you blurred out entirely, and has a warning next to it.
Looks like it’s a mx record pointing back at your domain, which points at your web host, which do not appear to be valid smtp servers. It also has the highest priority. You likely want to just remove it.
If you just moved over to Cloudflare and let the importer run, I would double check all records are what they should be by comparing them to your old dns host. The auto import stuff is best effort/likely to sometimes miss and mess stuff up.
ps. You leaked your domain name in the attachment name


Thank you for the response.

I have deleted the MX record with the highest priority but mails still aren’t working.
I’d appreciate any suggestions on what else to do.

Is there a specific error you’re seeing? Since your email is hosted at Google, your Google mail app should show any incoming email, and be able to send mail.

Also, I see multiple SPF records in your screenshot. Unless they’re for different hosts (ie some are for different subdomains) then that would be invalid… as you can only have one SPF record per host.

If they’re all for your apex domain, then you need to combine them into one record.

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When I send an email to the G-Suite powered email address I get the error shown in the attached screenshot. I’m a novice at this and would love to resolve this issue.

Is the email address from that screenshot, mentioned in “delivered to whatever” ending in the exact same domain, as the one you posted the DNS records of, in your first post?

That SMTP Authentication phrase, together with the alleged source being (mail-lj1-f178.google.com), makes me wonder, …

  1. What exactly is your email client configured to use, as the SMTP host name?

  2. Is the email address configured in your email client you sent that message from, … a free @gmail.com address?

  3. Did you set up this specific Google account, that have configured in your email client, with something like the “Send from a custom domain”-workaround/trick?
    Gmail Instructions for Reply-to Using Custom Domain | NameSilo


Yes, the email ends in the exact same domain and the DNS records ‘[email protected]

The email is powered by G-Suite.

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