G Suite Configurations

I am configuring my G suite (Gmails) in DNS (MX Records) as per G suite instructions but its showing error. How do I resolve this issue please help me.Thanks in advance
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It’s pretty rare to get an error when adding an MX record. Can you post a screenshot?

Unrelated, but your server certificate expired half a year ago. In this case you cant have a properly secure site with “Full strict” but only the less secure “Full” encryption mode.

You might want to renew your certificate.

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All those MX records should have a “Name” of your domain name. You can just enter a @ there and DNS will fill it in for you.


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or just
please help me

how do i renew my certificate.
please help me step by step.

That is something you need to clarify with your host. You can also have a look at the Origin certificates Cloudflare provides, which you can install manually on your server.

@sdayman’s response is the correct one in regard to the issue at hand, I just wanted to bring the certificate issue to your attention.

In the left column, when you put the usernames of the emails, delete that and put @

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thanks its done