G Data Antivirus Incompatibility with Cloudflare Warp

I am reaching out to inform you that I have identified the issue regarding the incompatibility between G Data Antivirus and Cloudflare Warp.

After conducting thorough tests, I have concluded that the problem does not lie with G Data Antivirus’s specific firewall but rather with the entire antivirus, which seems to be incompatible with Cloudflare Warp.

The tests I performed included completely disabling the antivirus to check if Cloudflare Warp would work, but the issue persisted as it failed to connect. Subsequently, I uninstalled the antivirus entirely, and upon doing so, Cloudflare Warp functioned correctly and connected without issues.

In another attempt, I reinstalled the antivirus without installing its firewall, and upon retesting Cloudflare Warp, it also failed to connect. Even by deactivating only the antivirus without uninstalling it, Cloudflare Warp could not establish a connection.

These tests were carried out on a Windows 11 system with G Data Total Security version