Future home of something quite cool - but no changes have been made

I see there’re quite a lot of topics started about this problem, however, this problem is a little unique. I’ve added to security category, but I am not sure it’s a security problem.

Other posters say this issue appears after applying the SSL.

The website has been running through Cloudflare quite happily over the last few years. I have made no changes whatsoever.

The client contacted me in a panic, saying the website is now saying ‘Future home of something quite cool’. This has happened out of the blue. The https:// is still showing in the coming soon page.

I’m totally confused and been looking at this all day for answers.


My first guess would be that their host removed their SSL config. You’d have to check their hosting plan to see if they still have SSL and even contact their Support to verify this.

Or…you can go to your DNS settings here and set it to :grey: to see if it still works with SSL. My guess is that it doesn’t. But let us know if it does work with SSL in :grey: mode.

Thank you for replying. No that doesn’t work. It’s really weird, as the hosting plan looked as though it had been deleted. So they started the plan again, the website files are there, but there isn’t an sql database. If nothing was touched the Cloudflare end… does it mean it’s definitely a hosting issue?

Their SSL is still valid through GoDaddy

So when you set it to :grey:, did you still get the same ‘Future Home’ message?

Yep, and the domain says it’s secure.

That would suggest to me that it is an issue on the host’s side if it still shows that when :grey:.

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OK, after a few refreshes, it’s now ‘Your connection is not private’

Does this still represent an issue with GoDaddy? Now the site is saying Your Connection is Not Private?

When I remove the https:// the site still gets the same ‘Future Home’ message

If you set Cloudflare to :grey: and still see the issue, then it is a GoDaddy issue, especially so if you get the same message over http.

They need to fix that certificate and get the site working again and then you can re-enable Cloudflare.

GoDaddy are not the most responsive when it comes to this kind of issue, and you may have toconvince them that it is not an issue with Cloudflare, but they are the ones that need to fix it!

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Thank you. The client is paying for backups, and as I said. The website files are there, but no sight of a database! All very peculiar.

Many thanks for your help.

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