Further/Additional Cloudflare Plans

I have been wanting to write this for sometime as I think Cloudflare could benefit from some feedback.

I have personally has domains on the Business $200 a month plan and Pro plans and while the Business plan has some great features I feel paying $200 per month would not provide us ( or the majority ) any significant improvements.
I also feel paying $20 per month for the Pro Plan is too cheap and while I am always happy to pay it for what we receive I think the huge jump from $20 to $200 is far too big for anyone to consider.
The priority support you are promised being an Enterprise customer is a little misleading as we receive the same support ( being a partner ) as the Enterprise Support anyway and when an issue was raised where customers could not login to our dashbaord with Cloudflare turned on not even the team cloud resolve this which for $200 per month I would have expected then to resolve. Yes page rules were done and everything else but after much trial and error by me and the CF team the issue never was resolved so rather than pay $200 per month and bother we simply gave up. Anyway that is not what this post is about.

I think Cloudflare should think about adding another plan in between the Pro and Business as I would be more than happy to upgrade paying $50-$100 per month for some additional features and to support Cloudflare but I cannot see any value in paying $200 per month at all unless you are one of those that want to see a few milliseconds of savings due to cache on cookie functions and others I dont think the cost can be justified.

While am by far no Cloudflare expert I have been a partner for over 4 years and have seen many great products/features and am proud to be a customer but would love to see another plan in between the Pro and Business as for most $200 a month is a heavy price to pay for many features that most would both never use or know how to use and I think many would consider $50-$100 per month a small price to pay for some additional features without the massive cost of $200 per month.

Anyway hopefully this will come into fruition but if not so be it and I welcome many more features that the team of always busy building!!

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