Functions folder not found by cloudflare

I am deploying a site to cloudflare pages using Hugo. I have a functions folder in the static folder of the project. the functions folder does not get found by cloudflare and does not get deployed. If I change the name of the folder to myfunctions it does get deployed but of course the function does not work. Do I need to do something special to have cloudflare deployment script see the functions folder?

I found a way to make it work. I read in a thread that cloudflare is looking for the functions folder in the root folder. I wrongly assumed that the public folder was the root. to avoid the functions being removed/ignored by cloudflare I renamed the function folder cffunctions. After the Hugo build Ithe cffunctionf folder is inside the public folder but it needs to be one level down and also called functions. Using this build command hugo --gc --minify && mv public/cffunctions functions gets the functions deployed. Joy joy joy

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