Functionality questions

Just moved my domain to CF registrar
I’m surprised to see how “basic” it is from configuration side.
Some questions I have:

  1. DNSSEC - do you manage the records for me once enabled ?
  2. Custom NS - not that I need it now, but, can’t I change the NS if needed in future ?
  3. Whois masking - no option to control this ? just enabled ?
  4. Rewnewal (.org) - Why I can only add 5 years ? I usually renew 10 years (still have 3 years to go)

If you enable DNSSEC with Cloudflare Registrar, then the DS records are managed automagically. There can be issues if you move a domain to Cloudflare which had DNSSEC enabled before the move, and these need to be fixed by a support ticket.

You can use vanity nameservers if your Cloudflare plan offers that feature. But with Cloudflare Registrar you cannot change the NS to an external name server.

Yes. Except for .us domains, which do not allow this.

You should be able to add years up to a maximum of 10 years, as per the ICANN rules. So in your case, an extra 7 years (might be only 6 if you actually have 3 years and 1 day remaining).


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