Fully terraform integration suggestions

We are maintaining cloudflare manually till now, I wanted to know if everything can be done via terraform or I should still rely on few manual steps to maintain cloudflare. How strong is the support from cloudflare? Need some suggestions to go further develop into terraform.
Is it possible or a good practice to have all dns-records, zones, workers, page rules etc in terraform?
Need advice.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi @atul1

The Cloudflare Terraform provider is very well maintained and frequently updated to include the latest capabilities. We have recently announced updates to our partnership with Hashicorp and to the Cf-Terraforming tool that can be used to quickly bootstrap your setup on Terraform.

I personally love using Terraform and I think it can be combined very well with the other components of your stack to fully automate your setup. I have written a tutorial on my personal blog which could help you getting some practical ideas as well.

Let us know how are you getting on with your setup!

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