Fullscreen Button of Stream Player does not working

Hello everyone,

I have an issue about Stream video player.
Actually the player is working well except for 1 button.

The button no #2 is working, the video player become full screen, but the button no #1 failed to do that.
It also apply to exit full screen. the button #2 failed to do that.

Anyone has experience similar issue?
Any advice is really appreciated

I don’t know where that Button 2 is coming from, as I’ve never seen that in a Stream video:

Button #1 works in my stream videos as well as the one in the link above. It wouldn’t surprise me if there’s something in the browser that’s blocking it. Have you tried a different browser or device?

It doesn’t look like your site will let me test that video, so that’s all I can suggest.

@iamedunetworksapp can you share the embed snippet you’re using along with the browser? iframe elements need to have allowfullscreen set in order for the fullscreen button to work correctly.


@sdayman @kkipp thank you good sir. apparently my vendor using H5P plugin from moodle, not the recommended iframe element.

This issue is closed.
Thank you.