Full strict origin server ssl config and

I have a domain and am trying to setting up it on a server by using Cloudflare dns services. The client is being reachable when i set SSL/TLS settings Flexible but its not secure enough for my application. I needed to use https protokol on the origin server. I created a SSL certificate for my origin server and passed keys to /etc/ssl direction. I’m using reverse proxy server (nginx) on the vds. I had a reverse-proxy.conf file which listens to 80 port and works normally. I got 521 error when I changed proxy configurations to listen 443 port and change Cloudflare SSL/TLS settings to full (strick).

Last configs

I assume there are some missing configs in my reverse-proxy.conf file. Because nginx services can not restart after changing first configs. Could you please check my nginx configs out ? If anything that i need to know or do please confirm me.

Thank you.

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