Full SSL/TLS is not working, and my origin is secure (HTTPS)

My website only loads on Flexible mode. When I change to Full mode, the website doesn’t load. The strange thing is that my origin server is SSL secured. How can I fix this?
My website: https://www.brmed.com/

Any error message would be useful for us to give advice.

I am getting this error on Full mode:

Error 522

Ray ID: 5fb4c64e9a94f84b • 2020-12-02 11:40:42 UTC

Connection timed out

Try disable the proxy for the www site and see whether you can access your site via HTTPS?

I disabled proxy, and I continue to be able to access my website via HTTPS on Flexible mode, but it didn’t fix the Full mode problem.

Did you block any Cloudflare IPs from your server?

No, surely not. It’s working on Flexible mode.

Flexible mode will contact your server via port 80, while Full mode will contact your server via port 443. Is there any blocking rules related to port 443?

I am not sure if there is any standard ELB configuration on AWS that blocks Cloudflare via port 443. I don’t think so, because it would have already caught the attention of other users and Cloudflare.

When I use Postman to send a request to my API (origin server) via HTTPS, it works. So, it seems that there is no blockage on the origin server.

How is this connection? My app is configured to connect to its backend (origin server) through an HTTPS URL.

It’s not clear to me what changes on Cloudflare on Full mode, if my app only sends HTTPS requests to the origin server, regardless of Cloudflare’s mode.

I’m running out of ideas. Let’s see anyone from the community can give any advice.

Problem solved. I thought the problem was on my backend server, but the problem was on my frontend server.

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