Full SSL Not Working

One of my domain (neatofest.com) has configured automatically to Flexible SSL, whether the other domains are automatically configured to Full SSL at the time of adding the domain to Cloudflare.

Now, when I try to change the SLL from flexible to Full, it just redirects to 404. The domain is working fine on flexible SSL, both on http and https. I have also created the Page Rule to Always Use HTTPS, but all are in vain. Please help to configure force https.


Your server most likely does not serve the site on HTTPS and hence returns the 404, when you switch to Full and Cloudflare connects via HTTPS. If you fix the server configuration it should work.

Thanks for the reply.
But other domains on that server are working perfectly with Cloudflare Full SSL.

That does not mean that domain is properly configured.

actually it redirects to https://neatofest.com/cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi
(I don’t know it’s a 404 or not)

The domain works on https with Flexible SSL

Can you please help me to configure it properly?

Considering you have other domains working fine, check the configuration and verify it matches them TLS-wise, respectively your host should actually do that.

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