Full SSL not working?

I added my website (currently a PHP version output) to Cloudflare and enabled flexible SSL two days ago.
I now want to enable Full SSL since my web hoster does support (some kind of strange) HTTPS.
I have the following setup right now:

  • My .htaccess redirects all non-www traffic to www
  • My website is using flexible SSL from Cloudflare

The problem is, when trying to switch over to Full SSL, my web host responds with an error “Domain not connected”.
How do I resolve this issue so that the communication from Cloudflare to my website is secure, too?

Thanks in advance!

Most likely your hosting provider didn’t set up a configuration to listen on port 443 (https) for your domain.

Depending on whether you have access to some sort of configuration panel, you may the ability to set this up yourself somewhere.

I am suggesting to reach out to your provider, and ask them how to configure this.

I just checked using telnet on windows and the port on the server is opened.
Could it be that Cloudflare checks if a given https identity is valid?

Your provider likely hasn’t set up a vhost or server block specifically for your domain on port 443. While it’s responding to port 80 correctly, when Cloudflare tries to connect to the domain via port 443 the apache/nginx configuration your host has doesn’t recognize your domain since there isn’t a configuration for your domain on 443.

Is there a way for me to test this?
And thanks for the replys.

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