FULL SSL NOT WORKING with Openlitespeed

Hi ,We have an Welding tools Site https://migweldertech.com , Recently install openlitespeed on my vps , after configuration The SSL Flexible work , But when I change to full ssl on the Cloudflare Our website showing “down error”

I already Setup cloudflare ssl certificate and key on server.

SO its the problem on cloudflare or openlitespeed or is there any way to configure multiple site on openlitespeed with FULL CLOUDFLARE SSL

This normally tells that there is NO SSL certificate on the origin server or it does (at least also) serve content unecrypted on Port 80.

This means your server does not serve on port 443 (standard SSL Port) with any (even not valid certs) and therefore this error gets triggered.

Or your Serverconfiguration…
Have you tried to call your page by direct ServerIP with Port 443 and did get a valid response?


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