Full SSL not working (Too many redirects) and Flexible working with https, but not on IOS

I have a webserver hosted on fasthosts, however I want to run my DNS through CF.
I was trying to setup SSL when Full (Strict) showed that there wasnt an ssl on origin (i cant install one on there). Then I tried flexible, which caused a chrome error of too many redirects. After that, I tried flexible, and to my suprise it worked, with a valid certificate. However, it doesnt work on IOS.
Any idea on how to fix any of my issues?

That’s a bad choice to begin with. Change that back to Full Strict.

Your server will most likely enforce an HTTP redirect and you would need to remove that.

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I know that flexible isnt ideal, but it worked… I dont want to stick with it.
I’ll take a look at removing enforcing HTTP redirect, but I dont know if it will be possible

It’s not just not ideal, it makes your whole site insecure.

Did you change back to Full Strict?

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Once on Full (Strict) I get this error

That’s because you have an invalid certificate on your server and need to fix that.

Install a proper certificate on your server and the issue will be fixed.

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As stated in my original message, I cannot install a certificate on the host server.

Yeah but you wanna know why you should have full strict set? (look below)

How come? Then you have a general security issue and need to fix that as well.

I cannot install one on the host server, because the host doesn’t let me…

Then you should definitely change host. That’s the basic job of a host.

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Well, I can install an SSL Certificate, however the host charges extortionate prices for them…
I saw on Cloudflare that you can generate origin server certificates. Is there any way to install those onto it?

Then you either pay them or change host.

And yes, Origin certificates can certainly be installed, but you still need access to your server.

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I have Full FTP access to the server, but I dont know if it would be possible for me to.

Is it possible?

FTP typically does not allow you to do that. You’d really discuss this with your host, but from everything you mentioned it’s probably best to get a proper host.

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I use Fasthosts Web Package…
I’ll see if it is possible, as they have some guides but for random CMS.

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