Full Ssl Not Working On Blogger

Full SSL Not Working On Blogger

I Have Use Both Hosting And Blogger

Full SSL is working on hosting but not on blogger

Please Check
Not Working Websites {Not Work In Full SSL}
(Blogger Websites)



Working Websites In Full SSL {Not Work In flexible SSL}
(Hosting Websites)

Please Help So Website Can Work

:wave: @arenaronak,

Do you have a valid SSL certificate installed on Blogger? Don’t know anything about the platform or how it works, but if you are trying to do full SSSL to that domain it needs to work over https when the records is :grey:. The how/why to configure the blogger platform to support that is probably a question best asked of the blogger platform as it isn’t something Cloudflare controls.

There appear to b a number of guides on configuring a custom host name for blogger platform in Google search results. e.g. https://support.google.com/blogger/answer/6284029?hl=en

– OG

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I’m not sure exactly what you mean by this:

Sites load with https in place, generally, but you have issues that you can see using Google Chrome tools developer tools Console view:

A couple of resources to assist. First, great #Tutorials here about troubleshooting ssl issues:

And, you may want to understand the ssl options and what you should have on your origin server to support the various modes, SSL/TLS app Settings.

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