Full page loading failed in China

Some contents of our website doesn’t load properly in China, see below the page :

It seems to be link with the internet service used : Full page loading works with the internet service provided by China Mobile, but it doesn’t work with the internet service from another operator China telecom.

How can we solve this ?
Do we need to activate the Cloudflare China Network ?

That sure looks like an error connecting to Googleapis. I don’t know what that has to do with Cloudflare.

Streamline your code and serve as few 3rd party links and assets as possible. When required, see if you can find an in-country alternative (e.g. Baidu or JD) for things like analytics.

No. While Cloudflare’s China network provides a number of benefits it’s not going to have any impact on a user’s ability to load a resource from a Google property.


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