Full Page Cache for entire site Except one page

I want to create Full Page Cache rules for my entire website EXCEPT for one page. Would creating a Page Rule:
*example.com/my_page Cache Level Bypass
followed by another rule:
example.com/ Cache Level Cache Everything

accomplish this? Thank you.

Are you using www sub-domain or any other sub-domain?
Have you got your application setup as a redirection from www to non-www or vice-versa?

Is this page on a sub-domain different than www or?

They’re all on www, and non-www requests are redirected there. Basically, I’m running Wordpress and there’s one page I don’t want cached, but everything else I do. Thanks.

Is WordPress installed with or without www? (under WordPress dashboard → Options → site URL and home URL values)

Both are set to http://www.mydomain.com (though I have a plugin that switches it to https://)

To match the exact page/URL, your Page Rule should look like:

Usefull article about Page Rules here:

And make sure the “bypass” rule is the 1st (above the one that has “Cache Everything”) due to priority listing and executing.

Upon changes, purge the cache at Cloudflare to make effect.

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