Full edge cache + dynamic rewrite for homepage


I have a dynamic site that can’t be cached at the edge. I need to send a lot of traffic to its homepage with tracking parameters (e.g. ?source=partner1).

So what I wanted to do is to create a cached homepage at /landingpage with a dynamic rewrite rule like this

And then set a page rule to cache everything with “cached=true” at the edge.

I expected that the browser will stay at /landingpage?source=partner1 but it redirects me to /?source=partner1&cached=true instead.

Can you tell me what am I doing wrong?

This sounds like a neat idea.

What’s doing the redirect? You’re seeing a 301 or 302?

Actually, I have tried it again and now it works fine. I guess earlier some of the changes didn’t propagate fully/correctly.

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