Full configuration (DNS + DNSSEC + ESNI for win)

I’ve been looking for a working solution for a week already where I would be able to skip dns encrypted requests, and use DNSSEC and ESNI.
What would have been all the maximum how can I find a solution?

If you’re taking about you using it yourself in a browser:

  • DNSSEC is something the website operator sets up to prevent DNS answers being changed, you can’t dictate when or how it’s applied
  • ESNI is still a WIP, so the only way you could use it is by visiting Cloudflare-protected websites using Firefox

If you’re talking about using these technologies on your website:

See https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/360006660072-Understanding-and-Configuring-DNSSEC-in-Cloudflare-DNS for DNSSEC

ESNI is by default enabled on every Cloudflare website, but clients (like firefox) also have to implement it for it to work.

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and configure in Google Chrome how?

eSNI is being worked on for Chrome, you currently can’t use it anywhere other than Firefox


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