FTP (set up) Username and password

I’ve been trying to set up FTP with Cloudflare and It’s very frustrating. I’ve put my Ip address for my host. It keeps saying “Could not connect to server”. I’ve been stressing about my website. I put so much time and energy into it. I really need these files. Please someon help.

Is the record DNS only/grey cloud?

Proxy (orange cloud) is only for HTTP and HTTPS.

It’s orange, should I turn It off?

Cloudflare will not proxy FTP traffic, so the hostname must be DNS Only :grey:

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Thanks, what should I put for my Encryption and logon type?

That is a question for the company who provide your FTP hosting. That is not Cloudflare.

Im currently with dream host but I need my files from Cloudflare, so should I ask dream host about FTP?

Yes. With no proxying (grey), Cloudflare is only handling the name resolution (DNS), but the FTP server is whatever you or your hoster has set up, so you need to ask them.

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