Ftp redirect does not work for only one domain

Hello there,
I am new to Cloudflare. I have setup successfully various domains on Cloudflare without any issues except one of them. The problem is related with ftp connection. I cannot access the ftp if Cloudflare is enabled for this ftp. The settings for this domain is the same as others (they are all in the same server) but it does not work this one.

If Cloudflare is enabled for ftp, I cannot access ftp like ftp.domain.com through filezilla. I am able to access only through the exact IP address as 94.xx.xxx.xx.

DNS settings is like
A subdomain points to 94.xx.xxx.xx
A ftp points to 94.xx.xxx.xx
A domain points to 94.xx.xxx.xx
A www points to 94.xx.xxx.xx
Rest of them are not enabled!

Any suggestions for this issue ?

Cloudflare only passes HTTP for you (unless you use the “Spectrum” service. but even then, FTP could be problematic due to it’s multiple port and connection management nature?).

To use FTP with a hostname, that hostname must NOT go through Cloudflare. i.e. the “cloud” next to its’ DNS record has to be grey, not orange.

Is the cloud next to “ftp” grey? If not, click on the cloud to make it grey. Then wait a few minutes, and try ftp.domain.com again.

I have around 5-6 domains. They are all in Cloudflare and their ftp on Cloudflare are not grey. It means ftp access through Cloudflare is enabled for them. And I can access their ftp like ftp.domain.com, there is no issue at all. In this case what you are explaining does not make sense ?
The issue is related with only a single domain. If I convert it to grey I know ftp.domain.com will work of course. But this is not the case Cloudflare is active for ftp side.

To clarify, when you say FTP, you don’t mean a website with an “FTP” manager (web based), but an actual FTP client, such as Filezilla, and it’s not that your old connections are stored in the connection manager with IP addresses (and not ftp.domain.com) - but you’re in fact opening FTP connections, to port 21, to those hosts, and you see that it goes through the same Cloudflare IP as your www.domain.com ?

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