FTP problem


I have redirected our website from our hosting company to Cloudflare. Since the redirection I’m having trouble ftp the site. I realise I have to change the ftp details to Cloudflare in my ftp client, but I’m not sure what to change the details to. I have attached a screenshot of my current details. Any help please. Thank you.

FTP must be unproxied.
So the DNS entrie you use shall be :grey:.

But as you use an IP to connect this actually completely bypassed Cloudflare and shall work as always.

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I spoke to my original hosting provider and they said that my website is now on the clouflare servers and therefore I should contact Cloudflare for the ftp details.

So my question is : what are the Cloudflare details I need for ftp.

I have attached a screenshot of my current Cloudflare details.

None of your records are proxied, so if you are having issues connecting to FTP then it is unrelated to Cloudflare and thus not a Cloudflare issue.


Hi Erisa, thank you for replying. But do I not need FTP Cloudflare details (which I don’t have) to update my website? Thank you

Cloudflare doesn’t provide hosting nor FTP access, your previous hosting provider was incorrect. They act as a website proxy, not a host.

You’ll need to find out where you are actually hosted in order to get FTP details to update your website.