FTP on Filezilla don't work

HI, I set up a free plan on Cloudflare, my site resides on the Aruba host (Italy). After having correctly configured DNS name servers provided by Cloudflare, after having entered the A Records provided by Aruba on Cloudflare, the site connects perfectly to Cloudflare and works well, but when I use Filezilla to connect via FTP I can no longer connect to the Aruba host, giving me ERROR (see attach image).
My configuration on Filezilla is: **

ftp.mysite.com - User - Password - Server type: FTP on TLS

I can’t understand where the problem is, who can help me or give me suggestions about it? Thank for reply.

Cloudflare doesn’t proxy FTP traffic. So I recommend that you just FTP to the IP address instead.

OR, you could set that ‘ftp’ hostname to :grey:, but then that would expose your Origin IP address, which is what most people try to avoid.

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Thanks for the tip, in fact instead of entering ftp.mysite.com I entered the IP of Cloudflare and it works! Thanks, it’s the first interaction experience between Cloudflare and Aruba hosting