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I am using domain name and hosting from bigrock. I am using the Cloudflare for DDOM protection for the domain.
My concern is Ftp is not working with domain name, it works with ip address, if i use ip in FTP then Cloudflare does not provide DDOS protection. Please help me how i can run ftp without IP address ?

Host: domainname.com ------ not working
Host: 195.***.*.----> its work.


Is the record of your domain :orange:? If so Cloudflare won’t allow FTP connections, you would have to connect directly via IP or put the ftp on a different subdomain with :grey:.


Hey Matteo,

Thanks for quick response.
Domain name is www.FLYINGWEBS.com. If FTP Connecting to the IP means you are bypassing Cloudflare’s protection. Please suggest me best way for DDOS protection of the domain.


You can’t protect FTP via Cloudflare, especially via the IP.

There is a product called Spectrum that was just announced that would provide you with a subdomain with DDoS protection, but it’s Enterprise only at the moment. The only way is to create an additional record in whatever subdomain you want and leave it :grey: to which you can connect to without the need to remember the IP.


I use SFTP (FTP over SSH) because real FTP is not safe.

And on my server’s firewall, I block all access, then whitelist Cloudflare’s IP addresses for HTTP and HTTPS, and whitelist my home IP address for SSH/SFTP access.

That just about seals it off the best I can.

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