FTP not Resolving Through Cloud Flare DNS

FTP is enabled :orange: however when i try to connect to FTP, it is not being resolved through the CF IP.
I have tried the direct IP Address of the FTP server and was successfully connected to the FTP service.

Is there any setting that i missed? i think we just need to enable :grey: to :orange:

The other way round. Cloudflare does not handle FTP at all.

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Okay, so you mean i need to disable CF on the FTP, but then it exposes the IP address.

It certainly will. The other approach would be to connect via the IP address and not the hostname.

If the IP address for www and ftp is same, it should be protected by Cloudflare, otherwise the IP address is exposed making the host vulnerable.

And also, Not all the services could be kept standalone.

Is there a list of services that are handled by CF.

Cloudflare handles HTTP and thats it.

If you are on an Enterprise plan you could sign up for Spectrum and have general TCP services covered, but I presume this is not a plan level we’d be talking about here.

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