Ftp issues

I am following to the letter the ftp instructions and details, but my filezilla will not let me connect with my server.
Should I still be using the ftp info that my website host gave me or is there something else I should do ?

Which instructions are you following?

If you’re on Cloudflare, you can’t FTP to your hostname, as it’s now being proxied by Cloudflare, and that won’t proxy an FTP connection.

You’ll have to FTP directly to your origin server’s IP address.


IS there a help article for FTP’ing to your Cloudflare site, more specifically, my web dev is asking me for FTP for one of my sites so he can back it up before updating the theme.

As mentioned above, you have to FTP to your host’s IP address, which is what you have as your A record listed here at Cloudflare in your DNS tab.

Remember that Cloudflare isn’t hosting your site. It’s just acting as a gateway to your site.


Hi there. I’ve been having the same problem. Can’t access FTP on my site for love nor money since installing Cloudflare.

Using Filezilla. Yes, I am connecting to the ftp hosts’s IP address. Everything goes fine until the login stage, at which point it simply throws out a “530 Login authentication failed” with an additional “Critical error: Could not connect to server” cherry on top.

Triple-checked login details, over many weeks, still no joy.


Just to confirm you are using the IP address of the server itself, not the IP address of the Cloudflare proxy. So this is the IP from your DNS control panel.

If you run this command and sub your IP address, it should not come back as Cloudflare.

whois -h whois.cymru.com " -v"

If that is the case then the issue is with your hosting provider and you should talk to them/ verify the IP address you should be connecting to with them. If the IP comes back as Cloudflare, you are using the wrong IP and need to use the IP of your origin server.

Don’t proxy the FTP adress of your website, Cloudflare only supports HTTP. So that’s why there is WebDAV/WebDisk which can be proxied, and is more secure than FTP.

Thank you fix my problem :slight_smile:

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If you are looking to connect your server via ftp all you need to do is

  1. go to DNS tab on overview of your domain

  2. add “ftp.yourwebsitefullname.com” and your iPv4 and deselect Cloudflare icon

you will be able to connect your server via ftp account through filezilla than.


Thank you this really helped me.

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OMG, I lost an hour on this one :slight_smile:

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using my shared server IP instead of my site address worked, thanks


deselect Cloudflare icon

the only answer on the web that fixed this, after 2 days of searching. i had no idea you could just click the cloud icon. i tried deleting and other things, and other things, and and and… unbelieveable.

i had no problem using filezilla, what i could not do was update plugins without a prompt for ftp creds. even after providing creds the plugins would not update. turning off ftp at cloudflare fixed it.

someone plz make it more obvious that you can click the cloud icons!

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