FTP / ftps to my Synology NAS

Hello all.

I have Cloudflare up and running for most of my required services. However when I set up a CNAME for my FTP service it does not seem to work. When I try to access it with my FTP/FTPS client it seems to redirect it to 2 random IP addresses that have nothing to do with my domain (I am guessing that this has something to do with CloudFlare’s proxy service).

I have ports 20:22 forwarded to my Synology NAS and I can connect to FTP using my Dynamic DNS service just fine. But if I actually try to use my domain name Total commander shows it trying to connect via 1 IP address and then another (Neither of which are associated with my domain) and then I receive error “Connect Call Failed”.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Any hostnames associated with FTP/FTPS need to be :grey: DNS only. Cloudflares proxy supports HTTP and HTTPS traffic only (usually).

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Thank you.

When I try to create a DNS only CNAME with my NAS External IP Address I get an error:

"DNS Validation Error (Code 1004)…


Try creating an A record instead. CNAME records don’t contain IP addresses, they contain other DNS names.

Thanks. I was just in the process of testing that while I was waiting for a response.

I am up and running now.

Thanks again for your help.


So I guess the FTPS connection is encrypted between the client and my NAS instead of using CloudFlare’s encryption? I have removed the FTP entry since I want all FTP traffic to be encrypted.


You can use argo tunnel to expose that hostname without exposing your origin IP. Might be slightly more complicated, but same basic principles:

That sounds interesting. But I only have the 1 FTPs account in use & I don’t think my Synology NAS has the ability to install “Gitlab” For 1 thing it only has 3GB of RAM.


More the… ‘here’s how you expose ssh’ behind access than actually installing gitlab which I thought might apply.

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