Ftp config issue

Hi, I´m trying to config FTP (with CODA) to my FTP account (in my host).
I did a new record on DNS Cloud Pannel (Cloudflare)…
I added NEW RECORD–>TYPE A—>ftp.XXXX.com (my ftp account in my host)—>IP PUBLIC OF MY HOST—>& HIDE DE Cloudflare ICON ---->SAVE

but i can´t connect with muy FTP Access (with Coda on MAC)

Anybody can help me?

Thanx a lot

Please, use the search. That issue has not only been discussed a million times, but only just recently about an hour ago.

Thanks, I will try, but I have not seen (before writing here) no answer to my question in the last few hours and also in the search (a millon?) … several solutions, none helps me.
I’ll keep looking.
I’m sorry

Just a few threads below yours


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