FTP and Subdomains Don't Work

Recently switched my site to Cloudflare. All seems well except the FTP doesn’t seem to work and any site I have in development, all use subdomains don’t seem to load either. I’m wondering if there were some records that weren’t copied over? Or if there is something missing for these two aspects to function as they used to?

FTP is not supported by Cloudflare (except if using Spectrum). Ensure the hostname for FTP is :grey:, or connect directly to the IP address of your FTP server.


That did connect. Good to know since I use FTP frequently. Any thoughts on the subdomains. None of those seem to work. testsite.mainsite.com that worked prior now doesn’t even register.

When you add a zone to Cloudflare, they check a long list of the most common DNS names, and automatically copy those to your Cloudflare account. But it is not an exhaustive list, and you need to manually verify and create all the records you need. You can also import a Bind file from your old DNS, but still need to manually verify that the records are all present and correct.

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