FTP and Mail not working EXCEPT for from my home network?

Okay, I know that the issue of FTP and Mail are common issues on these boards because I’ve read a LOT of those threads. After learning more about the issue, how CloudFlare works and implementing the suggestions I finally got my FTP and email clients configured but for some reason, they both ONLY work when I’m on my home internet connection. Any other network, either on my computer or phone, will not connect.

I thought maybe it was something with my devices or configurations but a friend who’s site I helped him set up Cloudflare on started having the issues with the email for his site almost immediately after I made the changes there as well (so it appears it’s not something unique to my devices or network).

I can’t figure out for the life of me how my home network is somehow ‘whitelisted’ for these services, how would that even work?

These are my current settings, have I forgotten or overlooked anything that folks smarter than me can see?

Those settings are exactly correct. If you posted the domain name, we could double-check.

Also, scroll down a bit and check the two name servers and make sure those are the ones that show up in a WHOIS query for your domain.

Hi, thanks for the response!

Domain is hair-flap.com

Just confirmed the nameservers here are showing on WHOIS as well (damien.ns.cloudflare.com and gail.ns.cloudflare.com)

I can get to FTP and ‘mail’.

Whoa, I just tested it from my devices on mobile and it seems to be working for me now too. I really have no explanation.

Thank you so much for your efforts and I’m sorry to have wasted your time. If anything, it did feel good to hear that I do indeed have things set up properly. :slight_smile:

Thanks again @sdayman, you’re a rock star!

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