FTP Access to modify permissions?


Am I being stupid but I can’t find anywhere on their CP that will let me set file permissions or look at ftp users to see whether the access I have should let me modify permissions.


Hi there. I’m not sure I fully understand your question… However, Cloudflare only acts as a proxy for your HTTP(S) traffic, it doesn’t take control of your origin server or any files, etc. If you’re looking to modify file permissions on your site, you will need to do that via other means (SSH, cPanel, etc.) depending on your hosting setup.


just to add on to @andy’s response. If your hosting provider tells your ftp is at ftp.example.com make sure that record is :grey: in your DNS section because, as he mentioned we don’t proxy that type of traffic today.


or if you have control over ftp accessly solely to yourself, you can do a local pc hosts file edit to bypass ISP dns pointing your backend origin ip to ftp.example.com