FTP access issues

Hi, I’ve tried to get FTP access to my site since I took on cloudflare (with FileZilla). However, it only allows me to access it with my IP exposed?

I’ve tried to fix it using the various guides, but I’m not really sure what I’m doing. The IP has a 1 at the start, but I spoke to Easyspace and they said it’s pointing to the wrong area, and it should really be starting with an 8.

I’ve read the other issues on this topic, but I’m really not sure what to do.

The SSL part of it works well, thank you for that.

If you are accessing to your FTP using the hostname ftp.yourdomain.com , it should be :grey: cloud (DNS-only) instead of :orange: cloud (proxied).

Even better way would be to use directly the IP address for the hostname (in FileZilla, etc.) and remove the A ftp (or a CNAME in some cases) from the DNS records list :wink:

Of course, this could be different if more users need to access it, so it easy for them to remember (if they didn’t saved it) :wink:

To manage the DNS records at the DNS tab, usefull for help:


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Thank you for your advice, I’m really bad at the technical stuff, so it’s appreciated.

I’ve removed the FTP, but it’s not helped, sadly.

One thing that FileZilla will let me do is connect with the IP, but when I try it says it’s not secure and will be seen across the net. Is that a security issue?

FTP isn’t secure by design. It’s a very old protocol. SFTP is secure.

You didn’t need to remove the FTP hostname, just click on the :orange: to switch it to :grey:, though that only works if it’s an “A” record with an IP address. And that’s pretty much what you saw here:

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Ah, I see. Sorry, I expect this is pretty tedious as I am a complete technological moron, sadly.

Is there any way I can get SFTP, or should I just go with the open FTP? (Does that mean my access codes can be seen?)

SFTP is most likely enabled on your server, as they often include shell SSH access. Then you’d just need an SFTP client for your device, like CyberDuck.

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Thank you.

But carrying on with open FTP is a bad idea?

Yes, it’s completely unencrypted: Username/Password, and content.

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Thank you.

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