Fs.usda.gov not resolving


Worked before I switched to… not so much now. Getting ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED

It would appear as if the fs.usda.gov domain has several DNSSEC configuration issues.


OK, so why does every other resolver work, but not (I’m sure there’s documentation somewhere, please feel free to point me in the right direction).

While I understand the need for standards, it seems if there is a fallback (which I assume other resolvers use?) it would behoove Cloudflare to use it for the benefit of us, the end user.

Edit: The link seems to be working now… so maybe Cloudflare changed something? I doubt the feds monitor this to know when they need to fix their records…

It looks like their DNSSEC configuration is good now.

Cloudflare doesn’t monkey patch anything for specific domains, including highly requested domains like archive.is, so CF didn’t fix it themselves.