Frustrating accounting - refunds with no audit trails

I recently started moving all our domains to Cloudflare as they come up for renewal as they are cheaper so that makes sense.
Unfortunately, it seems that a high percentage of renewals seem to take the money and then refund it, then the next time it take it, it works fine. Our business account is a total disaster as there is no audit trail for the refunds, I just get an invoice for the final payment. Our accountant is wondering what all these unaccounted-for “payments” to us are about.

I tried emailing billing but got no useful response, they don’t seem to be bothered that we can’t account for the refunds. Sometimes due to exchange rate changes the refunds are more/less than the payment - that makes life even worse.

Is anyone else encountering this at all?

Hi @richard25,
Please send a request to [email protected], as they will need to check. What you may be referencing is the pre-authorizations that the registrar services process, and then complete the payment, which will then allow the pre-authorization to drop from your account.

Thanks Laurie, these are definitely not pre authorisations, they actually take the money and then put it back again

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