Frustrated with service - Holding my domain hostage

My Domain is somehow registered with cloudflare, it is possible a third party vendor did this, I am migrating my domain to my own server, and I am unable to change the conflicting DNS records because they are on cloudflare. How do I find out the account holder for my domain so I can get access to my DNS records? will tell you the registar of the domain. The registar, e.g. Namecheap, GoDaddy, etc should allow you to either use their own DNS management or point DNS lookup traffic to another nameserver(s) of your choice - i.e. Cloudflare. This allows you to use Cloudflare to manage your domain.

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I am the registrar and have already updated the DNS. I guess it is just propagating through the web.

If you want to keep checking easily, use something like:
server# dig +short NS

This will let you know the authoritative name servers.

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